How Do Online Auctions Work?

An online auction is just like a live auction, but online!
With the click of a button, you can raise your bid to be higher than someone else's.
Highest bid wins the item listed!

1. Register to Bid

Create and register an account at:

Follow all of the prompts to create your account.

Once you create an account and are approved as a bidder, you can begin to bid!

2. Bid on Items

You can bid on any item listing until the online auction is closed.

Don't want to wait for the auction to end?
You can set a "high bid" and have the software bid for you until your maximum high bid is reached.

3. Win Item!

Each auction ends with a "soft closing", where one listing ends every 10 seconds beginning at the closing date and time listed in the auction details.

If you have the winning bid, you will receive an email invoice.

4. Pick-Up or Ship

In the invoice that's emailed to you there will be a link to either schedule a pick up appointment or to request shipping.

Please check your email!

5. Payment

If you have the winning bid(s) at the end of an auction, the credit card you entered when you registered to bid will be charged automatically.  Cards are charged at the end of the auction.  You will receive an email confirmation/invoice.
(We no longer accept cash on pick up day!)

Shipping requests will be charged separately.  You will receive a second email with the shipping invoice.